Additional Research Team Publications

Conference Publications:

  • Amartya Shankha Biswas, Michal Dory, Mohsen Ghaffari, Slobodan Mitrovic, Yasamin Nazari. Massively Parallel Algorithms for Distance Approximation and Spanners. SPAA 2021.
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  • Magnu ́s M. Halldo ́rsson, Tigran Tonoyan.
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  • Jokull S. Gylfason, Bernhard L. Hilmarsson, Tigran Tonoyan.
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  • Ívar Marrow Arnþórsson, Steven Chaplick, Jökull Snær Gylfason, Magnús M. Halldórsson, Jökull Máni Reynisson, Tigran Tonoyan.
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  • Yannic Maus.
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  • Fabien Dufoulon, Shay Kutten, William K. Moses Jr.
    Efficient Deterministic Leader Election for Programmable Matter. PODC 2021.
  • Michal Dory, Orr Fischer, Seri Khoury, Dean Leitersdorf.
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  • Yannic Maus and Tigran Tonoyan.
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  • Christian Konrad and Tigran Tonoyan.
    Guessing Fractions of Online SequencesDiscrete Applied Math.
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  • Yuval Efron, Ofer Grossman, Seri Khoury.
    Beyond Alice and Bob: Improved Inapproximability for Maximum Independent Set in CONGEST. PODC 2020.
  • Michal Dory and Merav Parter.
    Exponentially Faster Shortest Paths in the Congested Clique. PODC 2020.
    Best Paper Award.
  • Michal Dory and Mohsen Ghaffari.
    Improved Distributed Approximations for Minimum-Weight Two-Edge-Connected Spanning Subgraph. PODC 2019.
  • Michal Dory.
    Distributed Approximation of Minimum $k$-edge-connected Spanning Subgraphs. PODC 2018.
  • Ami Paz and Gregory Schwartzman.
    A $(2+\epsilon)$-Approximation for Maximum Weight Matching in the Semi-Streaming Model. SODA 2017.
    Best Student Paper Award and Best Paper Award.