Research Team

Administrative Assistant:

Hila Mizrahi


Yannic Maus


Michal Dory, PhD
Matthias Bonne, MSc
Yuval Efron, MSc
Dean Leitersdorf, MSc

Summer Interns:

Shreyas Pai, University of Iowa (May’19-Jul’19)
Bertie Ancona, MIT (Jun’19-Aug’19)

Previous Students:

Seri Khoury, MSc 2018: New Lower Bounds for the CONGEST Model
Ami Paz, PhD 2017: Distributed Distance Computation and Related Topics
Gregory Schwartzman, PhD 2017: Algorithms for Environments with Uncertainty
Rina Levy, MSc 2017 (Co-advised with Hadas Shachnai): Fast Distributed Approximation for Max-Cut
Tariq Toukan, MSc 2015: Fault-Tolerant Information Spreading Algorithms