Research Team

Administrative Assistant:

Hila Mizrahi


Majd Khoury, MSc
Dean Leitersdorf, PhD

Previous Postdocs:

Fabien Dufoulon (Co-hosted with Shay Kutten)
Yannic Maus
Tigran Tonoyan

Previous Students:

Noa Marelly, MSc 2021: Fault Tolerant Max-Cut
Shahar Romem Peled, MSc 2021: Batched Vertex Cover Reconfiguration
Volodymyr Poloshukhin, MSc 2021: Distributed computations with global edges of limited bandwidth
Michal Dory, PhD 2020: Distributed Network Design
Yuval Efron, MSc 2020: New Advances in Distributed Optimization and Distance Computation
Matthias Bonne, MSc 2019: Distributed Detection of Cliques in Dynamic Networks
Seri Khoury, MSc 2018: New Lower Bounds for the CONGEST Model
Ami Paz, PhD 2017: Distributed Distance Computation and Related Topics
Gregory Schwartzman, PhD 2017: Algorithms for Environments with Uncertainty
Rina Levy, MSc 2017 (Co-advised with Hadas Shachnai): Fast Distributed Approximation for Max-Cut
Tariq Toukan, MSc 2015: Fault-Tolerant Information Spreading Algorithms

Summer Interns:

David A. Vulakh, MIT (Jun’21-Aug’21), work in progress
Shreyas Pai, University of Iowa (May’19-Jul’19), paper in PODC 2020.
Bertie Ancona, MIT (Jun’19-Aug’19), paper in OPODIS 2020.


Jukka Suomela (Jan’20)
Alkida Balliu (Jan’20)
Dennis Olivetti (May’18, Jan’20)
Janne Korhonen (Nov’18)
Mikael Rabie (Apr’18, Nov’19)
George Giakkoupis (Oct’13, Nov’18)
Philipp Woelfel (Nov’18)
Christoph Lenzen (Sep’16)