My Deadline Poems

Feb. 2016:

my dearest friend.
You always help me
in the end.

You are the one,
that is, albeit,
I will be changing you
to point nine eight.

Nov. 2017:
(dedicated to Amir Abboud,
Seri Khoury, and Christoph Lenzen)

Change the bibstyle, so they said,
we must bring this to an end.
Five characters on average,
three for authors, two for year,
become just two digits,
for the order, as I hear.

If it does not do the trick,
natbib package is your thing.
But in any case,
for whatever trick you aim,
don’t touch baselinestretch –
that is really full of shame.

Feb. 2018:
(based on a true story)

We’re all kind of fighters,
research keeps us alive.
But I don’t pull all-nighters,
I submit at five.

But my mind runs solo,
even when I’m asleep,
so I woke up at three,
counting glitches, not sheep.

Then an angel dropped from heaven,
so lucky me:
I had time until seven –
twelve AM, EST.